Michael McDermott, Chief Arranger and Musical Advisor to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, “I fully endorse This Land of Scotland”

General Loudon, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, (Re original version)All of our production team are impressed with this well written tune”

Craig Brown (ex Scotland manager) “A great, stirring and inspirational anthem”

Willie Carson  (Champion jockey) “Good luck. Scotland needs this”

Scottish Tourist Board “Without exception, all my colleagues believe it would be a fitting Scottish anthem”

Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP “I would like to congratulate you on your musical endeavours”

Darren Ferguson “An anthem that Scots can embrace and be proud of. I wish you every success”

Ian MacDonald M.B.E “I applaud you composition. The music is hugely uplifting”

Alex McLeish “I am extremely impressed with both the music and the lyrics. A fitting anthem for Scotland”

John Higgins “I would love to walk out to the world snooker final (on Television) to your tune”

Sir Alex Ferguson “I wish you every success. It could be a winner”

The Duke of Argyle (2 pages by hand) “I very much enjoyed your work, I wish you well and hope you will gather support”

Finlay Calde “Very happy to endorse your anthem. Many folk would like to move on from Flower of Scotland.  Good luck”

Walter Smith “I wish you every success. It is worthy as an anthem for our country”

The Duke of Roxburgh “An interesting project. I do wish you well”

Pipe Major Ian Duncan (The Atholl Highlanders) “Easily remembered.  Would make a wonderful anthem”

Jim Telfer  (Letter by hand) “Your work contains many good things about Scotland”. Good luck”

Alan Irvine “I wish you all the best”

Melrose Rugby Club “We ALL think your anthem is worthy of being Scotland’s national anthem”

The Tartan Army (Hamish Husband spokesman) “Most enjoyable, I wish you every success. Arra best”

Mary Queen of Scots Centre, Jedburgh “The music is beautiful and we all find it very pleasant. Good luck”

The Jedburgh Press “Everything that an anthem should be. It fills me with pride”

The Perth Advertiser Newspaper “A patriotic piece. The captivating melody”

Sir Jackie Stewart   “ Sir Jackie wishes you the very best of luck in your quest”

Historic Scotland “We recognise the need for a new Sporting anthem for Scotland. Good luck with your composition”

HRH The Princess Royal “The Princess sends you her best wishes”

Danny Lennon “Time we had an anthem with a great tune and meaningful lyrics”

Castle Museum Jedburgh “Delightful to listen to, very Scottish. Good luck”

Martin McBeth (Edinburgh pipe maker) “I think you have a masterpiece on your hands”

Paul Lambert .   “I hope that you achieve the success that your work deserves”

Southern reporter newspaper “Everyone in the office is very impressed. We all wish you well”

Derek Adams “Every success. The nation will soon be singing your anthem”

All at the Jim Clark Museum, Duns “This would make a great and stirring new Scottish National Anthem”         

Sunday Post newspaper “This rousing tune has already received widespread support”

Neil Cooper “My approval of your proposed anthem. I wish you well”

Eddie Rose (Scottish radio presenter) “Perfect for sporting events & great as a new anthem for Scotland”

Coldstream Museum, Duns “We, and many visitors ALL enjoyed the stirring music & lyrics which are perfect to represent Scotland”

Duns Public library “We all enjoyed your CD as a potential new Scottish National Anthem”

Ian Lees (Scottish radio presenter by phone) “ The music is wonderful”

Lothian & Borders Fire Headquarters “The composition has potential. We all wish you well”

All Scotland accordion champion Walter Perry “Everyone in Scotland will identify with your anthem”

Dundee Courier (News desk) “We enjoyed your CD very much”

Sandy Lyle “I applaud your efforts and I wish you all the best”

Joe Moore (Scottish actor) “Wonderful music to represent Scotland”

Scottish dance band leader M.Hutchinson “Really impressed. Hope it hits the top spot soon”

Stephen Quigg (Scottish folk singer) “Very good. All that an anthem should be, memorable tune and lyrics”

President of the Scottish Football Association, George Peat “In consultation about the idea. Best wishes”

Tommy Newcommin. (Popular Scottish musician “The strong melody and lyrics would make Scotland proud”

Hawick Fire Brigade (Commander & Staff)   “A stirring tune which will capture the spirit of Scotland”


   MSP M Fraser “Could easily be a contender for the Scottish National Anthem. Very stirring”

MSP M Matheson “I fully support the need for an anthem. Yours is memorable and worthy of consideration”

MSP John Wilson “I welcome your contribution to the debate for a suitable anthem. I wish you success”

 MSP Peter Wishart “I very much enjoyed your CD. Perhaps now is the time to make a final decision”

 MSP Bill Kid “I enjoyed your composition and found the piece worthy to represent Scotland”

 MSP Jamie Hepburn “I am happy to wish you all the best with your efforts”

 MSP David McLetchie “Thoroughly enjoyed your composition. I hope you gather further support”

  MSP The Rt Hon Jack McConnell “I have listened to your work which I very much enjoyed”

 MSP Kenny Mac Askill   .“I wish you all the best”

 MSP M Pringle “A most interesting piece of work”

MSP John Park “I was delighted to receive your proposed national anthem for Scotland. EXCELLENT”

Mrs Ferguson “The music was so stirring that my daughter and I both cried”

Anna Stuart “This is wonderful and very powerful. Very good for our anthem”

Mr & Mrs Hampton .“The ending of “Auld Lang Syne” really sets off the whole piece. Excellent”

Mrs McCallister “Excellent. An anthem that should stand the test of time”

R Adams “Both the words and the music are perfect for a Scottish national anthem”

J Murray “We need something to get us away from the Flower of Scotland”

Mrs McIntosh “The music is beautiful and the lyrics would make Scotland proud”

Mr & Mrs Donovan & family “We all support your anthem. Far better than the Flower of Scotland”

T Brown “Nice melody, easily remembered, a good contender for the Scottish national anthem”

Mr & Mrs McMillan . “The music is excellent & should catch on”

Mr & Mrs Whitman “Absolutely wonderful, a superb anthem”

Mrs Webster “This would make a wonderful anthem, I wish you well”

George McMillan “The music is excellent. Thanks for sending us (our future) anthem!

Mrs Jean Campbell   “A pleasure to listen to and stirring for all events. All the best”

Mr & Mrs MacLean .“Very impressed, would make a great anthem”

Mr & Mrs Hire “We hope that you will do well with your anthem”

Mr P Reed & family “We all support your anthem & wish you every success”

Mr & Mrs Robertson “On hearing your great music and words we think you have a winner”

Anne Lothian “A Scottish anthem in the making. Very enjoyable”

D.Scott “Really excellent”

Linda Stuart. “I hope this will be the next Scottish national anthem”

M Duncan “Very impressed. We would like it to be the next Scottish anthem”

K Cooper “Good luck, the makings of a great Scottish anthem”

Mr & Mrs Stuart “This is the anthem that we would like for Scotland”

Gill Grant “Your song is a winner. Every success”

Mr & Mrs Geddie “Fine music, inspirational lyrics, a great work”

J MacDonald “Very very good. Difficult to imagine anything better for our national anthem”

Brian Humphries “Your song is very inspiring. It would make the Scots proud and the English envious”

I Walker “I put it on a level with my first choice of Scotland the Brave. I will support YOUR anthem”

Members of the Kirriemuir Club

Mr& Mrs Bruce “Strong approval of your anthem”

Neil Patterson “Strong approval of your anthem”  

Margret Randell “Strong approval of your anthem”

Bob Dunn “Strong approval of your anthem”

Anna Nicol “Strong approval of your anthem”

E Webster “Strong approval of your anthem”

Cathie Monroe “Strong approval of your anthem”

Mr & Mrs Stuart. “Strong approval of your anthem”  

Mrs Oxenham “Strong approval of your anthem

The Royal Scottish Bagpipe Association ”Impressive.  A feelings of Scottish pride & patriotism”

Jimmy McWilliams,(Singer/entertainer,appeared with Jimmy Shand) ”A great Scottish Anthem”.

K.Masterson “Really stirring. This would make a really good Scottish Anthem”

Staff & customers at “Cancer Research,  Blairgowerie “Very moving & inspirational”

Anne & John Ritchie, Owners Green Hedge Caravan site ”A lovely melody”

Mr & Mrs McMillan “The music is excellent & should catch on”

Gillian Donaldson & Staff “The Athol Arms Hotel Dunkeld ”A lovely piece of music”

Mr & Mrs Stuart “Made us very nostalgic. I can imagine Scottish athletes being so proud”

Robert Fraser “Very stirring, I am greatly impressed”

Kilt & Pipe Makers (Piob Mhor) Blairgowerie. “Very enjoyable”

Staff & owners atNo 62 Blairgowerie “Really love the music”  

Mr Rowley & family “We all think it is wonderful”

Mr & Mrs Stucco . “Listening to your music is like drinking good malt, it stays with you”!

“Hearing your words and your music reminded me of a Scotland that was once a shining example all over the world. We badly need something that will bring us back our pride and our love for our native land and I think that your anthem will do just that, I sincerely hope so”.

                                                                                                                                      William Robertson