Our Story

Ten years ago the call for a new Scottish national anthem lead composer and musician Alan Tomkinson to write ‘This Land of Scotland’ with his wife Mary. The anthem is now almost complete with hundreds of endorsements – including the Edinburgh Tattoo itself.

Scottish Mary was the youngest of a family of nine children from Muirkirk, Ayershire. When she was two, her father tragically died from cancer. This left the family in a very poor situation. The family moved down to Manchester to find work,  being the youngest of a poor family, Mary slept with her mother.  One morning Mary woke to find her mother had died during the night. 

While in Cheshire, Mary was the runner-up in the Miss Cheshire beauty competition! and it was here, years later, that Mary met Alan Tomkinson, a musician, in 1948. Alan and Mary got married in 1950.

Mary wanted to write an anthem for the people of her beloved Scotland and together Alan and Mary composed the Anthem that you now hear, which resulted in a visit to Edinburgh Castle – a fairytale dream for Mary.

Very sadly, Mary passed away on Valentine’s Day 2014 after many happy years of marriage. The music you hear is the unfinished version of the Anthem as it was at that time. Alan is now continuing the story – and Mary’s wishes – to produce a patriotic Anthem for Scotland.

We invite you to listen to the anthem, to share it, and to show your support.

Donations to Scottish Mary’s dream would be welcome.

We are looking to raise £20,000 for promotion and to make a full orchestral recording with bagpipes to bring to the people of Scotland.

Hearing your words and your music reminded me of a Scotland that was once a shining example all over the world. We badly need something that will bring us back our pride and our love for our native land and I think that your anthem will do just that, I sincerely hope so

William Robertson